‘Nirmal Seva Foundation',NSF people’s non-government organization was established on17th May 2018 by Nalini Dhende, who dedicated her life in aiming to improve the life status of disadvantaged people giving special priorities to women, children and old aged person.

It is said that women in India is not safe at her in-laws, she has to face various domestic violence problems at home in the hands of her husbands, in-laws. Hence this philanthropist lady made up her mind to help such women in distress, by providing them secure n safe life. She aimed to uplift the standard of life of women,who are victim to Domestic violence, Neglegated to love,care etc.

She started a shelter home for the senior citizens in women category ,named as Nirmal Seva Vrudhashram. It is situated in hadapsar,pune. This shelter home is fully furnished with required equipments. Here women are treated with due respect,they are nurtured with proper food,hygiene,fresh enviorment.Various Socio-cultural activities are conducted over here.The moto of this organization is to share love and respect with eachother. As a result these underpreviliged ,neglected women gets abundance of love, care, respect rest of their lives.Under the above mentioned situation NSF came in to being to be with them and work with them aiming to bring about a positive socio-economic change among these poor and marginal people of NSF specially Pune District.

Specific Objectives   :

  • To establish a well constructed, well managed, safe Old Aged home at a suitable place.
  • To ensure adequate nourishment and clothes for the targeted the poor helpless and destitute an Old Aged person.
  • To ensure access to instant and quality health care for the poor helpless and destitute an Old Aged persons so that they can get awareness on health and hygienic issues
  • To create an effective an Old Aged friendly learning environment for the poor helpless and destitute an Old Aged persons within the Old Aged Home, so that they can live peacefully as their own Home.
  • To provide an Old Aged persons access to fellowship activities, recreational facilities, mental support, social affairs and spiritual formation.
  • To promote resource generating activities for financial sustainability of the old aged home beyond donor funding.