About Nirmal Seva Foundation

Nirmal Seva Foundation, NSF people’s non-government organization was established on 17th April 2016 by Nalini Dhende , who dedicated her life in aiming to improve the life status of disadvantaged people giving special priorities to women, children and old aged person. It is said that women in India is not safe at her in-laws, she has to face various domestic violence problems at home in the hands of her husbands, in-laws. Hence this philanthropist lady made up her mind to help such women in distress, by providing them secure and safe life.


What is vision and values?

Our Vision

To provide due care the live of the helpless and destitute and old Aged persons in the society and even those Aged persons neglected by the family and did not get proper care due to poverty, so that they live as valued members of the society with a peace of mind before going to their eternal home.


To Ensure a sound and friendly environment for the poor helpless and destitute an Old aged persons towards achieving a promising peaceful conditions for them fostering their physical, mental, social and spiritual development and well being as well.


To Ensure access of poor helpless and destitute and Old Aged persons in Pune to safe accommodation, tender love, proper care, nourishment, health service and other basic needs through establishment and operation of a sustainable Old Aged home.This old age and orphan children will definitely enjoy eachothers company

Why the Project has been Chosen?

MadhurBhav Ipsummage

There is no residential facility for the poor helpless and destitute an old Aged person at the place where they can live under proper care to them in peaceful mind without any harassment for their life.

The family or care givers of the poor helpless and destitute an Old aged person or an Old Aged person herself cannot afford adequate foods for his/her proper nutrition

The poor helpless and destitute an Old Aged women do not get health care services and remain untreated and maltreated for many diseases.

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What impact/difference will the projects make to the lives of the beneficiaries?

The ultimate impact of the project will be that the poor helpless and destitute an Old aged person from the remote VILLAGES will enjoy a sound and fulfilling old aged life toward achieving a promising life through their physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual development and well being. More specifically:

  • The poor helpless and destitute old Aged will have a safe accommodation and placement where they will enjoy their old aged life in family environment.
  • Gaining adequate nutrition, physical exercise and quality healthcare the poor helpless and destitute old aged will lead a healthful life.